Dragon Coconut Crusher

Positively pink with pitaya! This superfood cocktail is a pleasant twist on a beautiful tropical frozen drink. It's like a berrylicious sea breeze - this sip worthy drink has coconut milk and ice to help you chill out and feel the island vibes.

Inspired by the dragon fruit, strawberry, and blueberry medley of our Dragon Berry powder - we're sure this will be a new favorite! So break out your blender, vodka, and measuring cups - we're about to make something delicious! :)

Dragon Coconut Crusher Recipe

1 1/2 Cups Ice

1 Cup Full Fat Canned Coconut Milk

2 TBS Dragon Berry Powder

2 Ounces Vodka

1 TBS Agave Sweetener


  1. First, drop the ice into the blender!

  2. Next, add the coconut milk, vodka, agave, and Dragon Berry into the blender.

  3. Blend it, baby, blend it! Till nice and smooth.

  4. Finally, garnish with a bit more powder on top.

  5. Enjoy the rich coconut berry flavor!

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