Captain Hook and The Dragon Cocktail Drink

This vibrant orange drink with Dragon Berry rimming is the perfect sweet treat to beat the at-home blues or spice up a fun night out!

The drink is a creation of our own called The Captain Hook! So named due to the use of Admiral Nelson's Coconut Rum and the satsuma orange-flavored rum liqueur called Gator Bite.

If you're familiar with Captain Hook's background - you'll know he lost his hand to a wily reptile. (Yes, technically a crocodile, but roll with us here.) So if you're having a Peter Pan themed party and are in need of a stylish adult beverage to stay on point with the theme - look no further!

Captain Hook and the Dragon

1 1/2 oz Admiral Nelson's Coconut Rum

1 oz Gator Bite Rum & Liqueur

Glass Rimming:

For an added twist we garnished the top of the drink with our Dragon Berry powder. Lightly dip the glass in some lemon juice and rim with our powder. It adds a tangy fruit kick for this sweet flavored drink.

This is one striking cocktail your guests will savor and smile about.

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